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How to chop an onion without tears

There are a couple tricks I learned along the way that help me while chopping onions.

imageThe first thing is to use a very sharp knife. The sharper the knife,  the less you’ll damage the cell walls of the onion. This is good because the cells of the onion contain sulfur that when it gets in your eyes reacts with the water and becomes sulfuric acid. That’s what actually causes the pain and makes you cry.

the next thing is there is a simple way to chop your onion that I learned from food network several years ago and I’ve been using it ever since. It’s the fastest way and I never have tears when use this method.




I start by cutting the ends off the onion.







Then I make a slit down the side and peel the skin off.







Then I chop the onion in half.







I then make 3 or 4 horizontal cuts almost all the way through the onion.






Then I make several vertical cuts almost all the way through the onion.






Then I simply chop vertically in the opposite direction and the onion magically dices before your very eyes.




One more tip I have for you is  to have your onions be refrigerator temperature before you cut them. This also keeps a lot of the sulfur for getting out of the onion and into your eyes. Also it helps to keep your head back as far away from the onions as possible.


i hop you enjoyed these tips. If you like it please share it.