How to make delicious guacamole

GuacamoleSo today I’ve made some pretty simple yet absolutely delicious guacamole. It only takes about 5 minutes to make this excellent guacamole at home. Try it out!

The ingredients you will need are:

2 avocados
1 key lime
Half a clove of garlic
1 quarter of a red onion
10 cilantro leaves
Salt and pepper


Mortar and pestle

I started off by smashing the cilantro and garlic with the lime juice and some salt and pepper in my mortar and pestle. You could also just finely chop the garlic and cilantro and just mix it into the guacamole like that but since I happen to have a mortar and pestle I decided to use it.

Then I diced a quarter of a red onion and sliced the avocado into large chunks, and just gently mixed the cilantro garlic lime mixture into the chopped avocado and red onions. The reason I gently mixed it in is because I happen to like large chunks of avocado in my guacamole. I don’t really like it when the avocado is smashed up too much but if you like it that way that’s fine too.

And that’s it, only 5 minutes and a few simple ingredients are all it took to make this simple yet delicious guacamole. I hope you try this recipe and if you like this please share it with your friends on Facebook.

By, Cody Childress


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