How to grill chicken the right way

Grilled chickenSo this Fourth of July I also grilled some chicken drumsticks. They were also pretty easy. One thing I do while I’m cooking chicken is I slide all the coals to one side. This helps by allowing you to take the chicken off of the direct heat in case they start to get too charred. Basically there wasn’t anything to this recipe other then that. I just kept rolling the chicken over and over to get a nice even brown.

Your fire should look like this before you start grilling.
Your fire should look like this before you start grilling.

One thing I can say is before you cook your chicken make sure your fire isn’t too hot or you will surely burn it. I’d say let your fire burn for about 30 to 45 minutes before you start.

Perfect chickenI didn’t put anything on them while they were cooking. Then when they were done I wrapped them in foil for 15 minutes to let them rest and reabsorb their juices.

Also if you wanted to put barbecue sauce on them I would wait till about 5 minutes before you take them off the grill and just lightly glaze them. If you add the barbecue sauce too soon before they come off they grill you will burn the barbecue sauce and that wouldn’t be very tasty now would it.

That’s it! That’s all you need to know to make excellent grilled chicken.

I hope you enjoyed this recipe.

By, Cody Childress


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